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Local decisions, local loans.

At Foothills Community Bank, we make our credit decisions right here. That means we can create flexible solutions that fit your particular business type, seasonal flows and management strategies. You’ll work with an experienced Business Lender backed by a local team — giving you the creativity and efficiency your business deserves. And as a Small Business Administration (SBA) Lender, Foothills Community Bank can help streamline the SBA financing process.  Apply for a business loan today!*

Operating Lines of Credit

A secured Foothills Community Bank Line of Credit may be collateralized by any or a combination of the following:

  • Machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures
  • Investment such as marketable securities, cash value of life insurance or certificates of deposit
  • Equity in real estate
  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Other business or personal assets

Commercial Real Estate Lending

A commercial real estate mortgage is a longer term note secured by a first or second mortgage on the location you are purchasing or refinancing. The interest rate on the loan may float based upon a predetermined index, or may be fixed for a specific period, generally not to exceed five years.

A Foothills Community Bank Commercial Real Estate mortgage may be appropriate for you or your company if your business plans to:

  • Purchase a primary place of business
  • Refinance an existing mortgage
  • Take advantage of a low interest rate environment or other business opportunities
  • Engage in new facility construction

We can also provide construction loans and, in many cases, a permanent loan commitment, before you ever begin construction.

Business Term Loan

A business term loan is generally considered a long-term note with a maturity of one year or longer. The loan is repaid from periodic (typically monthly) payments of principal and interest with a variable or fixed rate of interest. If applicable, term loans are generally written with a maturity that coincides with the depreciable life of the asset being purchased. However, the structure of the loan is always dictated by the borrowing purpose, with repayments based on the company’s individual operating cycle.

Collateral for a business term loan may consist of any combination of the following:

  • Machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures
  • Investments such as marketable securities, cash value life insurance or certificates of deposit
  • Equity in real estate
  • Other business or personal assets

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

A FCB loan that's guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) may be the right choice for your business. SBA loans may help your business qualify for financing more easily and receive more flexible terms. That means you can preserve working capital for other expenses.

SBA loans may be used to expand or renovate facilities, purchase machinery or equipment, finance receivables, provide working capital, finance seasonal lines of credit, refinance existing debt, construct commercial buildings and purchase land or existing buildings. The length of time for repayment of an SBA loan depends on the use of the proceeds and the ability of your business to repay. Contact our SBA Specialist, Adam Smith, at (770) 203-4611. 

*Eligibility requirements apply for all business loans and lines of credit.


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