Best is the Standard

The standards we align to individually and collectively are "best standards".  Everything we do at Foothills Community Bank is done to the best of our ability for our customers, shareholders and our team.   

Below are critical components of our corporate philosophy: 


We will set and follow the highest ethical and moral standards as a company and as individuals. Our commitment to these standards is essential for our company to become and remain the source of pride that we desire it to be in our community.

Customer Commitment:

We will be driven by the needs and expectations of our customers. We recognize that we exist and prosper because of them. We will provide our customers with quality products and superior service, and treat them like valued friends and neighbors.

Civic Involvement:

Our community is our livelihood, and we have a responsibility, as a company, and as individuals, to be good, solid, active citizens. We are committed to that responsibility.

Financial Responsibility:

We will manage for the long term, always keeping in mind the importance of economic growth, financial soundness, and profitability.


We will measure everything that represents us-personnel, service, facilities, and systems-by the highest standards of quality.


We will be competent professionals in the financial services areas, as well as in the area of human relations. We will be people-oriented, visible and accessible to those who need us.

Personal Development:

We recognize our people as our most important investment. We will provide equal employment opportunities for all personnel to build careers. We will provide compensation opportunities that will reflect our high expectations for superior performance.

Clear Communications:

We will share information and keep our personnel informed of our plans, opportunities, problems, and progress. We will have clearly defined goals against which opportunities and issues may be evaluated, decisions made, responsibilities understood, and communications transmitted.


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